Jack Mason

Dr. Jack Mason, is the founder and president of Mason Energy + Management He has more than 40 years of experience in the energy industry. He has started eight businesses as entrepreneur and intrapreneur. He raised venture capital for one. Several led to acquisitions. He has managed directly or indirectly more than 1000 energy-related projects, as large as $10 million, managed organizations as large as several hundred employees, developed and supported numerous national multiple facility companies’ energy programs, and served as president of a $50 million public company during a turnaround.


James C. Crossman


Financial Energy Management, Inc.

Jim Crossman founded Financial Energy Management, Inc. in 1984. As president, Jim has guided this energy services company for 36 years focusing on energy efficient and cost-effective design and construction. Financial Energy performs energy audits and installs energy efficient up-grades in existing commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. The Company has worked in thousands of facilities—hospitals, school districts, government facilities, industrial, retail, and commercial buildings. Jim has successfully managed 11 utility company demand-side management contracts in New York, California, and Colorado. These contracts resulted in energy efficient retrofits at over 110,000 facilities saving hundreds of millions of kWhs saved and elimination of the associated carbon emissions. Mr. Crossman holds an MBA degree in Energy Management from the University of Denver.

Dr. Moncef Krarti

Program Coordinator

Building Systems Program

Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department

University of Colorado

Dr. Moncef Krarti is highly qualified in building energy efficiency. He has vast experience in designing, testing, and assessing innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies applied to buildings. He has directed numerous projects in energy management. In particular, he has conducted over 1000 energy audits of various residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. He has published textbooks on energy auditing and management of building systems that are widely used to teach and train energy audit techniques. Dr. Krarti has published over 200 technical journals and handbook chapters in various fields related to energy efficiency and energy conservation. He is the developer of the rapid building energy modeling and validation methodology used in our small commercial building remote energy modeling and analysis methodology.