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Subject Matter Expertise

A selection of subject matter expertise includes:

·         Organizational development, learning, and performance improvement,

·         Management facilitation, coaching, and intervention techniques,

·         Process improvement and information technology integration,

·         Enterprise level strategic planning,
·         Energy management plan development and implementation,




·         Energy regulation and legislation pertaining to both generation and retail markets,

·         Wholesale and retail energy market operation, evolution, and projections,

·         Regulated and deregulated market behavior at both the wholesale and retail level,

·         Power plant design and safety analysis,

·         Power plant performance evaluation and improvement,

·         Power plant technology evaluation,

·         Generation asset valuation,

·         Energy rates, tariffs, and rate setting and analysis,

·         Power plant operation, maintenance, material, and information management,

·         Applying mathematical methods, statistical analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation to energy market behavior, costs, and risk,







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·     System engineering and failure modes and effects analysis,

·         Applying system engineering to improve plant/operator performance,

·         Maintenance program optimization using reliability engineering,

·        Logistics and operational support for commercial facilities,

·    Applying e-procurement to energy procurement,

·         Strategic sourcing and supply chain management,


·         Building audit, energy performance analysis, and energy efficiency analysis,

·         Building energy modeling, (e.g., EnergyPlus),



·         Fluid and thermodynamic system modeling,

·         Power plant physics and thermodynamic modeling and analysis, and

·         Probabilistic risk assessment of power plants.