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Publications and Presentations

Recent Articles

"Standard Contract for Energy Purchasing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, " Contract Management, July 2007

"Small Gas Buyers Work to Mitigate Price Increases," Pipeline & Gas Journal, July 2005.

"Technology is finding a way to recharge energy and utility purchases," Inside Supply Management, Institute for Supply Management, June 2005.

Recent Presentations

Applying Monte Carlo Simulation to Retail Energy Cost Projection, Budgeting, and Value at Risk Analysis,” Palisade Risk and Decision Analysis Conference, Jersey City, New Jersey, November 13, 2008.

How to Use Savvy Energy Procurement to Reduce Operating Costs Significantly,”  93rd Annual International Supply Management Conference & Educational Exhibit, sponsored by the Institute for Supply Management, St. Louis, Missouri, May 4-7, 2008 

Natural Gas Price Trends: New Perspectives and Implications for Buyers,” National Accounts Conference & Technology and Market Assessment Forum, St. Louis, Missouri, June 19, 2007.

Energy Customer Choice Update,” Edison Electric Institute National Accounts Workshop, Orlando, Florida, September 28, 2004.

“Observations and Recommendations for the Development of Competitive Electric Markets to Benefit Illinois Constituents and Consumers,” Illinois Legislative Meeting on Deregulation, Led by Representative John Novak, Springfield, Illinois, September 19, 2002.

Energy E-procurement,” International Mass Retail Association (IMRA) Store Planning, Energy, Electricity, & Design Conference, Orlando, Florida, November 15, 2001

Recent White Papers

A process and example products for developing a corporate energy and environmental impact management strategy based on sound management concepts, proven best practices, and experience with numerous national companies in various vertical markets.
Use of rate research and statistical simulation to project retail energy costs for multiple facility portfolios for budgeting and value at risk analysis in support of energy supply management and procurement
How to Use Energy Procurement to Reduce Operating Costs
Application of strategic sourcing and procurement best practices to energy procurement and supply management.

How Black Swan Events Impact Energy Portfolios
Consideration of "Black Swans" events, as defined by author Nassim Taleb in his 2007 book, The Black Swan, in energy supply portfolio management.

Energy Rises to C-Level
The role of C-level executives in setting and implementing energy supply and risk strategies.

Shedding Light on Energy Price Trends and Their Drivers
Considerations, drivers, and analysis of wholesale and retail energy prices

Strategic Sourcing of Energy: Integrating Energy Procurement into Your Supply Chain Strategy
Adaptation of strategic sourcing to energy supply management.

Natural Gas Price Trends and Practical Strategies For Managing Escalating Supply Costs
Strategies for managing energy costs in the face of increasing price trends and volatility. (Editor)

Energy e-Procurement Offers Exceptional Financial Returns
Application of e-procurement to energy procurement and supply management

Academic Courses, Lectures, and Publications

 An Overview of the Electrical and Natural Gas Utility Industry,” Guest Lecture for the University of Colorado Denver Business School, Global Energy Management Program, April 2009.
"Energy Markets, Pricing, Forecasting, and Budgeting," Presentation to the Council for the Great City Schools Chief Operating Officers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 2009.
Management of Research and Development,” Graduate level course, Engineering Management Program, College of Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, Fall Semester 1997 and 1998.
"Innovation In Professional Services: Potential Productivity and Trade Improvement," Technological Forecasting and Social Change 42, 31-45 (1992)

"An International Comparison of Nuclear Power Plant Training Programs," Presented at the Third Annual Meeting of the Soviet Nuclear Society, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 1992 (based on MS thesis and Sloan Fellow research in the US, France, Germany, and Japan)

"Application of Submarine Extended Operating Cycle Methods to the Enhancement of Operations of Commercial Nuclear Power Plants," American Nuclear Society Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Life Extension, August 1988 (Co-author).

"Application of Practical Methods for Reliability Engineering to Maintenance Program Optimization," American Nuclear Society/American Society of Mechanical Engineers Topical Meeting on Engineering for Nuclear Plant Operations and Maintenance, Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume 56 Supplement 2, April 1988 (Co-author)

"System Engineers: An Approach to Operational Excellence," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume 54, June 1987.

"Integrated Planning in the U. S. Navy," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume 46, June 1984 (Co-author).

"Configuration Management: Can the Nuclear Industry Gain from US Navy Experience?" Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume 46, June 1984 (Co-author).

"PWR Overpower Detection for Control Element Assembly Ejection Transients," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume 33, November 1979, (Co-author).

"A Post-DNB Fuel Design Limit," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume 30, November 1978, (Co-author).