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We have corporate-level experience supporting utility clients such as:

·         President of a large southeastern US utility during a performance turn-around,

·         President of a large middle-south US utility generation company with three performance improvement programs and the acquisition and integration of a large generation station,

·         Senior Vice President of a southeastern US generation organization during a major performance turn-around,

·         Senior Vice President leading a six-site generation organization during a major performance turn-around,

·         Senior Vice President of a large Midwest public power organization during a plant turn-around,

·         President of an independent power producer during the development of a strategy to manage under contract and eventually acquire nuclear generating assets,

·         Executive Vice President of large multi-site Canadian utility during an enterprise asset management information system and process improvement recovery project, and

·         Vice President, Integration, supporting the acquisition and integration of a nuclear power plant.

We have assisted more than 100 national energy end-user companies, 30 in the Fortune 1000, with energy strategy development, supply management, and conservation in sectors such as

·         Retail

·         Hospitality,

·         Restaurant,

·         Industrial,

·         Health care,

·         Grocery,

·         Theater and entertainment,

·         Office building,

·         Property management,

·         Information technology, and

·         Mail/package delivery. 

We have developed working relationships and an understanding of offerings and competitive positions of virtually all competitive natural gas and electricity suppliers in North America. And, we have supported and partnered with dozens of energy service companies.
We have also worked as a consultant and line manager or executive with many smaller emerging organizations both within larger organizations and as standalone companies.